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times to see if it was a winner. they released the video to have him claim his winnings. >> we have been talking to you someone claimed the ticket. >> someone just did. >> reporter: minutes later we were the first to talk to the lucky winners. >> it's not for us, it's for my kids. >> reporter: he realized he was a millionaire at two when he got on the computer to check the unclaimed winning tickets and saw a photograph of himself. >> i saw the picture. i said i think we are wanted. >> reporter: they were but not for the reason video is usually splashed across the media. he bought his ticket at this alcohol store where he always plays one quick pick a week. >> great. somebody from the -- from the fremont and by my hand. >> reporter: if you are thinking nobody ever wins the lottery or that you will infer win some words of wisdom from this father of three who has been laid off for a year.
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>> just be patient. thankful whatever you have. >> reporter: now he said the first thing he will do is buy a house. the lottery policy for video is just a week and a half old, brand new. they did it because a woman came forward claiming to have won the 52 million but lot of the ticket. they found the video through the investigation and found the real winner. reporting live. >> there is a warning tonight about a man pretending to be a pg&e worker. a woman said the man knocked on her door yesterday and asked to check her gas meter. the woman asked for identification. the man left, when he could only show an old pg&e document. he is 6'9'', 175 pounds, with light brown hair and blue or hazel eyes. he left in a black chrysler 300. as the busy holiday starts extra rangers are on duty at yosemite fielding questions
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from visitors, frightened about the growing outbreak of the honta virus. more than one thousand calls a day are coming in to the park. many are from people wonder figure they are in danger of getting or being exposed to the virus. some are now canceling. so far two people have died and six have become sick from the disease after staying in the signature tent cabins. >> the next arch bishop has been charged with two misdemeanors. he was stopped at a dui checkpoint last weekend while driving with his mother and a visiting priest after having dinner with friends. the 56-year-old is currently bishop of oakland and is set to he be put in as the san francisco bishop. an elderly driver who allegedly ran down a bike rider in a fit of road rage was charged with attempted murder. police say the 82-year-old harry smith was driving near
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the golf course on august 15th when he allegedly started yelling at the bike rider, then chased him onto a golf cart path and allegedly drove into him. smith was also charged with two count its of assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run, making criminal threats and driving on a suspended license. his bail was put at one million dollars. . >> firefighters dealing the aftermath of two horrible events, a fire that damaged a historic church and a downed firefighter who had a heart attack trying to save building. robert honda is live from san jose with updates on both of those situations. >> reporter: we are outside the main entrance of the church where arson investigators have been working carefully. we will show you why. there is extensive damage from the fire but as we first reported there is another issue concerning the department, the condition of the firefighter who was rushed to the hospital while trying to save this church. there have been people praying at saint patrick all day, praying for the recovery of
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both the dam damaged church and the firefighter there to help. the church was on fire yesterday morning. the cause still being investigated. during the incident a 42-year- old firefighter paramedic frank ryan collapsed from what turned out to be a heart attack. firefighters did a cpr. >> by him being able to get himself outside definitely contributed to us being able to quickly provide the care he needed. >> reporter: family and friends which include many firefighters have been visiting ryan at san jose regional medical center. the department has been rotating crew in shifts so people can show support. ryan is in critical but stable condition. >> he is in a coma to let his heart rest. >> he is a fighter. he is fighting for his life and we just hope he pulls through. >> reporter: people at the church say they feel the same way.
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>> we pray for him and we will try -- make a card. we will make a card and send to the hospital to express our appreciation to him and his family. >> reporter: the church plans a mass at 6:00 inside the church gym. we will be from thereto show you how members plan to recover from the tragedy and we have been told frank ryan will be a topic there. live in san jose. >> now to sonoma where a fire destroyed one unit of a duplex forcing people from their home. it happened just after 10:30 in the mark west community just north of santa rose a. officials say they found marijuana growing in the backyard but they say it was not linked to the fire. nobody was hurt. no word on what started that blaze. >> next week pg&e will begin a big pipeline replacement project. they are replacing a gas pipeline from the va hospital to alpine road. on tuesday crews are set to
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start trimming trees and removing shrubs. evacuation and construction are set to start september 10th. pg&e said the work is part of a system wide program to improve the safety of its gas transmission pipeline movement a warning for drivers, the dunbarton bridge will close starting at ten for the final part of its retrofit project. we are live to explain why they are doing that and also when the bridge is going to reopen. >> reporter: you can see some of the prep work construction crews have done ahead of this weekend's project. you see that yellow scaffolding. that's where crews will raise part of the bridge up. they are racing part that you see on the left received the screen. they are doing that to insert a new joint inside. this is what that joint looks like. crews installed this one on the western span of the bridge during the memorial day weekend closure. now it's another three day weekend and a chance to put that second joint in place.
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this time on the eastern span right above this pier. >> it's a sensitive and very well coordinated operation. >> reporter: these photographs show the process. crews use a system to lift up the bridge. the same way you hoist up a car. >> we hop for the best just like how memorial day weekend. there wasn't significant congestion caused by the closure. everybody took the alternate route. >> reporter: from ten tonight until five tuesday morning you will need to take the bridge or 237 in the south bay to get around the dunbarton. about 61,000 cars drive this bridge every day but caltrans is doing the work to minimize the impact. >> smart move and it's a holiday weekend. most will go one direction out of town. >> reporter: most but not everybody. this inspector is counting on a longer drive to get from his home in the east bay to his weekend job. >> they need to do what they have to do. >> reporter: you are okay. >> yes. how else you going to fix the problem? >> reporter: now coming up at
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six how this work is supposed to keep this bridge from collapsing in a major quake. live in newark. ktvu channel 2news. >> drivers in san francisco can expect detours near the transbay terminal project over the long weekend. fremont was close at ten this morning between mission and howard. crews are installing a temporary bridge to start underground evacuation for the project. the road will reopen next tuesday morning at five. >> san jose police have arrested a man they say threatened to kill his former roommate. for two weeks they had been looking for this man, darnell joseph irvy. yesterday he gave up to a swat team. police say he is a two strike convicted felon who threatened his roommate. police say a car thief is in critical condition after a horrible crash. he didn't take just any car.
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officers say he stole a police cruiser this morning. they say the patrol car was traveling at one hundred miles an hour before it crashed in to a parked car, a pole and then a starbucks. . >> investigators say there is no evidence that sick animals entered the food supply from the slaughter house shut down last week in allegations of animal abuse. they looked at undercover video showing inhumane treatment of cows. they found that no food safety violations happened. they say that there is no evidence to support the allegation that a sick cow was slaughtered and entered the food supply. the gulf coast now in recovery as more rescuers are carried outo and residents assess the damage from isaac. the weekend storm is now making its way inland. the remnants of isaac brought heavy rain and a threat of
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flooding, flash flooding today to the mississippi valley. some areas received close to 20 inches of rain putting pressure on dams and levees in low lying areas and across low low, mississippi and arkansas about 600,000 homes and businesses were still without power. >> a deadly quake today struck the eastern coast of the philippines. a 54-year-old died when her home collapsed. the quake knocked out power there in several towns and also triggered a brief tsunami warning. that was called off when the quake generated only tiny tsunami's, the center was 66 miles east of sumar island. >> it's called east wooding. talking to an empty chair and it's not what republicans wanted people to be going on about today. >> and back here in just ten. the holiday weekend is here. we have a lot of fog. big time cooling today.
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what can you expect saturday and sunday and monday. íú
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. one of the most memorandum railroadable moments last night, most say it didn't come from romney but from clint east wood. rita williams with all the buzz around the veteran actor's speech. >> reporter: heather, having an imaginary conversation with a person in an empty chair spawned a new word today, it's called east wooding. . >> go head,. >> make my day! >> reporter: for almost 12 minutes last night more than twice as long as his allotted time east wood rambled. he pretended to talk to an invisible president at least once with an imaginary suggestion that was off color, sometimes he was direct.
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>> when someone does not do the job we have to let them go. >> reporter: today the world is talking about not talk about the candidate he was supposedly endorsing but with east wood himself. >> i thought he was inappropriate and i thought he embarrassed himself. >> i don't think he embarrassed himself. i think america is in love with him. >> the convention you would expect he would tell you what he thought of romney. >> when -- the presidential candidate's speech is not what people are talking act the next day it's probably not helping. >> reporter: general hospital actress said 20 years ago i wanted him to make my day. now i just want him to take his pills. country singer char lie daniels said he made my day. film critic roger ebert said my hero is coming across as sad and pathetic.
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even the president sent a photograph of himself in a chair, saying this seat is taken. >> he didn't do a good job of saying why it was he was for romney but that obama had failed. >> reporter: the dean of public policy henry brady said there is was nothing in his performance romney can use. >> it was remarkable that he was given permission to do whatever he wanted. >> reporter: he now has a chance to redeem himself at least as a film maker. even before the president alley election his next movie about baseball opens september 21st. reporting live. >> all right. you heard what brown had to say about him. in 24 minutes the former mayor of san francisco explns why you will not be seeing him in charlotte for next week's
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democratic convention. why he has no desire to make take trip. clint won cheers for suggesting the afghanistan war was a mistake but people are noting how the candidates had nothing to say about the war on terror. romney became the first republican since 1952 to accept his nomination without mentioning war. even in times of peace. >> fresh off his speech at the convention, romney today hit the campaign trail. >> you are going to have to go find a person or two who voted for obama. i know they are here. right there. they aren't as visible as they used to be. you can see some of the glow on the back of their bumper sticker where it use used to be. . >> reporter: he rallied voters in florida asking them to help him get more votes. the candidate and his wife flew to new orleans to view the damage from isaac. he met with emergency workers and also received updates from the republican governor.
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snoot senate president visited troops in texas. >> our hearts are obviously with all the folks who were down in louisiana and the gulf coast who are dealing with the aftermath of isaac. >> reporter: the president said he has asked the government to do everything possible to try to help those who have been hurt by the storm. he marked the second anniversary of the end of the iraq war and thanked the troops for their role in stabilizing iraq. the president will campaign this weekend in iowa ahead of the democratic national convention in charlotte north carolina next week. >> visitors at san francisco's museum were greeted by protester who had voted to strike amid a labor dispute. the they said management has
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been hiding important information needed for baring and intimidating workers some of whom are the lowest paid at the museum. the company that oversees the museum said its offering up to a 12% salary increase over the next couple years and it's reasonable for employees to contribute to their own health care. >> most of them have been receiving free health care forever. so now we are just asking them to help us pace that health care and have morin vestment in the use of their health care and that would be $50 a month for one employee. >> reporter: the union said that management has given themselves races and has paid more than $200,000 on lawyers. family and friends of neil armstrong held a private funeral today for him. armstrong pass away saturday at the age of 82. he made history with his famous first steps on the moon back in 1969 but today people said he shied away from the spotlight. >> he was a reluctant hero.
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this was never act him. the reward that he got was from his service. >> i wish i were half the humble man that he is. he has been a role method schedule a hen for. he has been a dear friend. >> ten former astronaut as tended the funeral including john glenn, and buzz aldrin and michael collins. >> the president today ordered flags lowered for the funeral of neil armstrong. he was the first person to set foot on the moon. the c aps ule that carried him to the moon is on display at the air and space museum in washington dc and a museum official said that a lot of people who tour the museum weren't alive when armstrong took his walk back in 1969. >> most of the visitors have no memory of the moon landing.
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>> it's not clear if the united states will ever send another mission to the moon. both democrats and republicans say they are in favor of reducing the budget for space. it hasn't happened in more than two years but tonight a blue moon will shine over the bay area. that happen when is there are two full moons in the same calendar month. it only happen once every few years. the space and science center is hosting free lunar viewings tonight and tomorrow night. your next chance to catch one won't be until july of 2015. >> question though is will you be able to see it? wondering if the fog will roll in. let's check in with bill martin. it was a lot cooler. >> yeah. the fog will stick around. it was much cooler. yesterday's temperatures came off ten or 15 degrees. today some areas, another 20 degrees cooler than yesterday which was already cooler. that fog really stuck in and did its job. out in danville and livermore
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the fog bank still here. you never really cleared today. oakland bit of sun peeking through but not a loto. it had been a cloudy, foggy day. look at the differences. this -- upper tier. those are yesterday's numbers. watch where they went today. we head toward friday. 83 santa rosa, concord down to 68, livermore down to 65, a major cooldown as the cool air is mowing in to the bay area. i was talking about it last night. strong on shore winds and we had fog at ten in the livermore valley. just a big strong push. the marine layer, thousand foot the average of the coastal hills but last night and today it got to 2500 feet. that's a big dose of cool air getting over the hills and spilling inland. up into sacramento. affect modestoo. that cool air got in there. what will happen now, it won't get cooler. the marine layer will pinch tomorrow and will warm up tomorrow. not a lot.
5:22 pm
be warmer than these daytime highs, tomorrow we will see 70's. maybe some low 80's. today we barely got in to the 60s in many places, 65 right now in livermore. 60 hey boost 63 san rafael. you have the 71, right now temperatures will come up but still going to be below the average fog foot print. look at that. early morning, you have fog and low clouds in to the delta. that's a start with the clouds and then a rapid burn off but the temperature pattern it leaves behind. greens, there is the 60s and the 70s. that's what most of us will see. maybe a couple low 80s. north toward santa rosa. you get the picture. a mild day for saturday. when i come back, at 5:45 the big story is the holiday was cool. the holiday weekend here so i will go in to the five-day forecast and we will dial in each day and i will show you when the warm up will happen and if it'll impact the holiday. >> all right. thank you. they acedt. the brag rights earned by a
5:23 pm
school district because of the success of its students. >> and what had people lining up before dawn today? outside the office of a dentist in the east bay.
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. we are following breaking news, all of it happening near the san mateo bridge. look at these live pictures. we are told that a may day call came in from someone on board a
5:26 pm
18-foot sailboat. this -- sailboat as it capsized. this is -- some of the rescuing the folks who are in the water. we are told that a 50-year-old man and a 16-year-old were in the water. they were there for about 45 minutes after a sailboat capsized and there you see it. a coast guard, 45-foot vessel and a rescue boat respond. we are told that both of those people, the 50-year-old and the 16-year-old girl have been rescued from the water. they have now been pulled to safety. they have been taken back to shore. are you looking now at the salvage operation that is taking place. we are told that both of the people rescued a short time ago are going to be okay and as you see the coast guard trying to bring this boat, trying to pull it out of the water. we will have any other developments but the headline now, two people rescued from
5:27 pm
the capsized boat near the bridge. >> in san francisco education officials were bursting with pride today. they announced new test scores that the school board president said will knock the socks off the public. >> we are the top preforming urban school district in the state. >> students demonstrated increasing growth. >> the students have improved in english and math. the school's have made great strides in closing the achievement gap. english scores were up 3.1%. bath scores rose 1.6% and over the past five-years in english language alone african american, latino and sonomoan have improved by 10%.
5:28 pm
its using data to inform instruction, professional development and the community based school. >> school officials say they have reduced chronic abhijit seen tees and reached out to get more parents involved. statewide scores have improved going up 3% in english and 1% in math. >> dozens of people lined up today many for dawn outside a dentist's office. they were there for a free clinic. it provided teeth cleaning, and distractions. >> it's worth it. i help out people any way. >> the clinic was made possible in part to the nonprofit group dentistry from
5:29 pm
the heart. >> a home burglary gets thies an astop issuing hall. >> two years after a devastating fire students and staff are celebrating. we will take you inside and show you how students are being united.
5:30 pm
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. this is kdvu channel 2news at five. >> nobody was home so burglars made themselves at home stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of family jewels. tonight that family is talking about the theft of those items.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: the victims own this berkeley motel and that while they were working here thieves made off with family heirlooms their home. >> the family is reeling after losing $600,000 in family heirloom at a burglary. >> i have some indian jewelry like my own gold set and diamonds. >> reporter: the loss includes one of a kind 22caret gold necklaces and diamond earrings, some passed on from family members in india. >> few items from her mother and my father from his family. >> reporter: it also includes a small fortune in gold bars and coins, bought over three decades here in the united states. >> when i have money i take and buy the gold so i can hold it and it's worth going higher
5:33 pm
so then i will be like 70 i can sell it and get the money. >> reporter: nearly nothing had insurance, the alarm wasn't on. thieves waited until they were away and used a crowbar. >> we are looking at every angle, anybody that would have had access to the home or knowledge of what they this. >> reporter: they are also looking outside the neighborhood for clues. >> i searched the area on wednesday, different pawnshops and three different counties, try to locate any information handing out photographs and flyers just to generate leads and as of today nothing has turned up. >> reporter: the family is offering a five thousand dollar reward for information leading to the recovery of their items. police ask anyone with information to call their tip line. reporting live. david stevenson. >>
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. like retail and food service. they account for 58% of the jobs gained so far during the recovery. >> they are facing not just a jobs deficit but a good jobs deficit and so they are being hit on two fronts. >> the organization that did the study is a lib era l crew. they are calling for more structure projects and money to boost the recovery. >> facebook may be launching a new tool to make it easier fortissers to target users.
5:35 pm
the service is expected to be available to brands next week. >> facebook stock fell to a new low today as wall street turned more negative on the company, facebook shares closed down $1.03. a research firm slashed its price for stock from $25 a share to 15 to reflect lower peculiar takes. >> students in san jose now more than two weeks in to the new school year and we explain why going back to school was a reason to celebrate today for one group in particular. >> reporter: cheerful sons as a huge crowd celebrated.
5:36 pm
i want to say thank you to all the worker that helped the school. . >> she was so scared in july. watching her school go up in flames. two 16-year-old's set the school on fire. . >> due to construction, it's just wonderful to be here today. >> reporter: until now many were forced to learn in portables across the street here. today the kids and their pants are enjoying the safer new building and better equipped classrooms. >> easier with more kids and they get to enter about with more. >> reporter: today happiness renewed and kids with more energy.
5:37 pm
. >> housekeepers and supporters all gathered today to celebrate a measure aimed to give domestic workers labor protection. it's now up to the governor to sign or veto the bill of rights after the legislature approved it yesterday. it would mandate rights such as overtime and meal breaks. new york state put in the first
5:38 pm
one to years ago. >> the big chances coming to courtrooms in contra costa and wily brown never at a loss for words. he says why he is not going to be going for the democratic national convention. >> and a big step up tonight for the little league team. this is the oakland coliseum where they are sharing the field tonight with some major league ball players. their big night at the ballpark. lots of prepaid cards
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. democratting working for their convention. organizers today revealed the dnc podium at the time warner cable arena. this year's list of speakers includes senator john kerry. chicago mayor and former white house chief of staff, house
5:41 pm
minority leader nancy pell and i harry reed. the vice president and president will give their big speeches outdoors. . >> one prominent california political figure who won't go to charlotte is the former san francisco mayor. . >> the reason for going there at this time was hopefully to influence the voters of that practice state on behalf of obama. they know it was a pipe dream now.
5:42 pm
. our coverage will continue through thursday. >> court official today announced cut that will close courtrooms and reduce services at a public meeting court officials warn that the state is cutting their budget by seven million dollars. today they made it official. the starting january 1st, six courtrooms will close including the juvenile court in richmond. child support court will be cut to four day ace week. courts for night cases and drug may be consolidated or eliminated. >> the national little league team is called up to the big league. the details on their dreams coming true. . >> and it's foggy. ten -- holiday weekend is here. when the warm up starts. íú
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5:45 pm
. how the a's are honoring the nationals. the nationals little league team was on the field here. they were invited by the a's. a dream come true for many of the kid whose have been living and breathing this their whole lives.
5:46 pm
you can imagine what that was like for them as the team has a chance to treat each other on the field before they all started warming up, standing shoulder to shoulder. . >> one of the benefit days of my life so far. i have always wanted to be on the field with -- with the mlb team and it's come true. >> in less than an hour the team, their coach and staff will be back here on the field. they will be honored in a pregame ceremony in front of a full stadium and each of them will receive an autographed baseball and then they will again take to the field with the a's for the national
5:47 pm
anthem. we will bring you details of that at ten. reporting live. patty lee. >> a famous probike raiser is making more allegations, drug allegations against lance armstrong. he said he was given an illegal blood booster by armstrong before the 1999 tour de france and he said they took blood transfusions together during the race the next year. they both road together from 1998 to 2001. armstrong has always denied that he ever cheated, however last week he did cheese not to continue fighting drug charges by the united states anti doping agency. california is planning to crack down on online retailer who don't collect state sales tax. they said it plans to spend ten million dollars over the next three years hiring auditors and others to enforce 9 collection. more than 200 retailers have
5:48 pm
been warned the effort is expected to bring in more than $300 million a year in revenue. >> those two wayward dolphins we told you about yesterday swimming the south san francisco industrial canal have appeared to have moved back to the bay. a spokesman said rescuers searched the creek today but didn't see them. the two dolphins attracted quite a crowd yesterday and there were concern that one of them may have been sick after being in the creek's water to long. a rare west coast butterfly won't get protection. the fish and wildlife service said it made the decision because the skipper can now be found in 165 places. compared to only 14 places back in 1999 when it was first considered for protection. the martin skipper is found here in northern california as well as oregon and washington. it's orange and less than an inch long. >> the president today announced plans to fight suicide among veterans and
5:49 pm
active duty military. he hired more mental health counseloros and boosted the crisis hotline. he urged members of the military not to be afraid to ask for help if they need it. >> if you are hurting, it's not a sign of weakness to seek help. it's a sign of strength. >> according to reports a veteran or active duty member of the military commits suicide every 80 minutes. a lawyer for the former navy seal who wrote a book about the raid that killed bin laden said his client was with in his legal rights. in a letter to the pentagon the attorney said the former seal member asked for legal advice before agreeing to publish the book and made sure that the book didn't disclose any terrible that would breach his agreements or put his former comrades at risk. the pentagon said that he
5:50 pm
violated nondisclosure agreements and it's considering legal action. >> the labor day holiday is here. a lot of people with outside plans, let's check in with bill martin to fin out if it's going to work. >> going to be warmer, nowhere to go but up. it was so cool today. some areas dropped as much as 20 degrees over yesterday which had already fallen. here is where we are right now. it's -- the temperature foot print. in those cool colors right in here. that's up and that's that marine layer narcotic fog influence. up in here you have numbers in the 70s and 80s but most of us around the bay are in the 06's at best. 50s, low 70's but you get the picture. a mild to cool day. these are the highs today. 71 degrees today in fairfield. 71 fremont. that's down 20 degrees. 72napa. these are the recorded highs for today. recorded highs as we head toward the weekend. tomorrow isn't much warmer. 78 degrees. check out sunday. the warmest spots, temperatures
5:51 pm
will warm up to 90, then into labor day 94 degrees in the inland bay valley. nice warm up into the bay area holiday weekend. it'll just be a little slow, saturday will be kind of cool. overnight lows like you expect 40s and 50s. low pressure is here. that's what got us to this point. high pressure on saturday -- sunday starts to come back and it escalates and increases our temperatures, that's classic bay area weather pattern and it's going to be sunday and monday you that notice the heat. it won't get real hot but will be warmer than it was today. there was a time today when all -- the noon and a lot of us under cloud cover with temperatures in the low 60's. tomorrow morning fog and low cloud, all there right when you get up and up in to the delta, this is a good air quality pattern because you are cleaning out, good clean atmosphere so air quality is good and this helps with fire danger. you settle it in. high humidity overall nine bay
5:52 pm
counties. those are yellows, 70s, you have a couple 80s in eastern livermore. it's about 70's tomorrow. 81 in antioch. 83 brentwood. those are the hot spots, 79 morgan hill. 73millpedias. it was drizzling this morning. drizzle tomorrow and the five- day forecast with the holiday weekend in view. both saturday, sunday and monday look like darn nice days. >> they look great. >> nice. typical and the end of summer weekend. >> thank you bill. >> thank you. >> oakland's firefighting force a bit stronger tonight. the new firefighters and the special awards that the department gave out. >> and the new i-pad app ready. you can watch all of the newscasts live and drive time traffic and video of breaking news. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. 123450 a bill to change public pension funding in california is now headed to the governor's desk. the state senate voted 36-1 to approve ab340 hours after the state assembly approved by a vote of 40-8. it would change the amount that some public employees pay into their retirement account and make other changes as well aimed at saving the state money. >> a court newly minted favorite paramedic was welcomed
5:56 pm
today. the graduation ceremony happened in the city council chamber, 11 graduated today. officials also honored 18 members of the department and community members. they were given awards for medical and community service and the unit citation award. officials at houston's relined stadium closed several escalators after a man, a fan fell to his death during a game. it happened last night at the pre-season game between the texans and vikings. the 45-year-old was on the he is can later when he fell about 60 feet. he died at the hospital. stadium officials say they are reviewing their safety proceed yous. >> ford claims it's back in the driver's seat when it comes to making the world's best selling car. they say they sold 26,000 more focus sedans in the first half of the year compared to sales of toyota corolla. toyota said it's still on top if you count versions of them
5:57 pm
that are sold under other names like the matrix hatch back. ford made the announcement as they celebrated making their 350 millionth vehicle since it was founded. >> in just two minutes residents in marin take part in a drill aimed to prevent another east bay hill fire storm. the neighborhood that firefighters are particularly worried about. >> and it's the end of an era. regulars stream into a north beach restaurant as it prepares to serve its last meal tonight. why the owners have decided to close up.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
noa woed maricoty prevent anher re orm. >> andoze mah today to trtora awenesabout dr overdoses. the li sang dr thesay cod bethe difference between fe a deh. >>coletebay ea ws coverage starts rit w. is ikt chanl 2ns at x. >> go eving . >> counitacvistsaid bahillfireorm 20 years t ago ist righnow marin. neatsix our alth an scnce itorjohn wler

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